Jessica & Ben’s Wedding

Visiting The Gramercy Mansion with Ben and Jess before the wedding got me really excited about their actual wedding day. With so many nooks and crannies throughout the property I wanted to make sure to take full advantage of everything the mansion and its grounds had to offer. The weather that day was perfect. All the rain we had prior to the wedding soaked into the ground allowing the flowers to be vibrant and in full bloom. Everything came together beautifully for their very important day. The thing I enjoy the most when photographing a wedding is getting to know the bride and groom, especially if I’d never known them beforehand. Little things you find out about people can add to the experience while capturing life changing moments for them. The wedding turned out to be a great day and I wish the happy couple a wonderful life together. That is until football season starts. Ben is a Raven’s fan and Jess a Steelers fan so I can only imagine when the two teams play each other there must be a lot of smack talk going on.

Every time I hear this song I now think about Jess and Ben’s wedding

Here is the link to all of the photos.