Its crazy to think I shot Chris and Lynne's wedding almost 6 years ago. I was talking to a friend and he asked me about my most adventurous wedding I've photographed. There are a bunch of them but this particular was stuck out in my mind. This wedding was in Dalton PA which is a little north of Scranton. Chris asked me if I would be interested in going to his parents lake house after the wedding to take some portraits of him and Lynne. I was totally down. The morning after his wedding my wife and I met up with Lynne and Chris. When we got there the idea was to get into some boats and paddle across the lake to a small island that meant a lot to Chris. Of course it started to rain but we got some great photos and made a great story. #wedding #adventure #weddingportraits #weddingphotography #bradbarnwellphotography #lakehouse #funweddingexperience #love #6yearsago #timeflies #nikon #alienbees #ilovemyjob