This is my friend and fellow Frederick photographer Lainey. She just got a new MacBook and wanted to talk about her switch from PC to Mac. I asked if she was down to take some portraits in the studio. I just got my Nikon D850 and haven’t done any studio work with it yet. Lainey was a little reluctant but she then said yes. Lainey is really easy to take photos of as you all can see. In each series I showed an image where Lainey just burst out in laughter which I absolutely loved. It was great hanging/working with you and hopefully we do it again sometime. Check out her work @laineymuren #bradbarnwellphotography #inthestudio #nikond850 #profoto #profotob1 #frederickphotographer #friends #smile #stylefordays #talentedfriends #webothshootnikon #lovewhatyoudo