Carleigh’s 1st Birthday

There is no better way to enjoy ┬áMother’s Day than celebrating your daughter first birthday. Carleigh was a little hesitant on eating her cake but once she started she didn’t want to stop.

Mr. & Mrs. Brown’s Photobooth

A couple months ago I received an email from Cindy. She was interested in setting up a Photobooth for her guests to have some fun and silly photos taken at her wedding. She saw some of the party pictures I have taken in the past and wanted the same thing set up during her reception. […]

Strutures Salon & Spa Staff Photos

Beccah Leister, Co-Owner of Structures Salon & Spa, sent me an email asking if I would be available to take photos of the staff for their new website. The whole staff came to the studio. I had music playing so either someone was dancing or singing. I loved working with this staff because everyone’s personality […]

RED Epic Camera

Here are some product photos of new RED Epic Camera! These were taken for Archai Media . If you are interested in renting this camera or other camera gear, contact them through the link above. Some cameras are so amazing you have trouble not sleeping with them.

My friend Dana

One night I was sitting in my house, and I wanted to work on some lighting techniques in the studio. I texted Dana, who is a neighbor of mine and a friend for at least 15 years. As you can see from the pictures below, Dana has amazing eyes. It’s always fun shooting with her. […]

Celebrity Look Alike: Dolly Parton

Here is another installment of a celebrity look alike from Janelle at Structures Salon & Spa. This month she picked Dolly Parton. Janelle and Heidi work together, so when Janelle said, “I want to do Dolly Parton”, I was game. I wasn’t sure who she would picked as her model until the day of. I […]

Celebrity Look Alike: Katy Perry

A few months ago my friend Janelle from Structures Salon & Spa had an idea. Once a month for a year she would choose someone that looks like a celebrity, do their hair and makeup, and I would take the photos. It’s quite a fun project. For this photo shoot we were lucky enough to […]

Celebrity Look Alike: Emma Stone

Here is another installment of a celebrity look alike from Janelle at Structures Salon & Spa. This month she picked Emma Stone. Janelle had a client she thought would be perfect for the shoot. We picked out a date that worked best for all of our schedules, and here are the results.

My Studio

After a long span of time of looking for the perfect spot for my studio, I found a great location. My new studio is located at 47 East All Saints in downtown Frederick right along the creek. With the outside of the building looking like a standard historic brick building, every client I bring into […]