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My Studio

My studio


My Studio

Like a home, a studio is wherever you can create an atmosphere where guests feel welcomed, comforted, and inspired. As a nature lover and traveler, I’ve created my studio in many places. All the same, I’ve always kept a permanent, accessible space for my clients in the heart of downtown Frederick.

 From the early days when my wife and I built my first studio in the loft of our 1900s home, to today at beautiful 47 East All Saints, my studio has always been a great place to get creative.

 While my studio isn’t a huge space, it’s the perfect central spot to take headshots, capture first birthday cake smashes, take family photos, and set up holiday themed mini sessions. It’s also where I meet with couples to discuss their hopes and dreams for their wedding day.  

When I’m not out on a shoot, you can typically find me in my studio listening to music, playing with backdrops, and exploring new lighting techniques.

I’m proud to offer a wide variety of equipment for shoots in my studio.


Studio Set-Up



Profoto B1X

Profoto A1

AlienBee Ringflash


 Savage Seamless Paper

Westcott Muslin & Fabrics

Oliphant Backdrops


Sekonic light meter

ExpoDisc for white balance

Color checker passport

Tether tools

Apple 27 inch iMac


Studio Location

47 East All Saints Street
Frederick, MD, 21701